Open system for bollards

Open system for semiautomatic and extractable bollards

Sistema de apertura para pivotes semiautomáticos y extraiblesAutomatic and extractable bollards use a security antivandalic key, only made by Presion y Fuerza, that it avoids the possible manipulation or theft of bollards.
There are 2 security keys.

Star security key

The star security key allows the opening of the anchor latch of a semiautomatic or extractable bollard.

In case of a semiautomatic bollard, it is necessary to turn the key and the bollard goes up by a gas actuator as elevation equipment. To go down the bollard you turn once again the key, you press the bollard and the bollard be anchored by the key action.

In case of an extractable bollard, you turn the key and you take out the bollard from the base because the anchor latch of the upper side will be free by the key.

The star security key allows as well the opening of the screws from the external plate of the bollard.

Star security bangle key

The star security bangle key allows the anchor latch opening of semiautomatic and extractable bollards and it avoids that users could take out the key leaving the bollard in lower position, allowing the free access. In this case, the user must raise again the bollard in order to retrieve the key.

Large triangular security key

Large triangular security key to open special bollards manually.

Screws and key personalized

All screws and keys of Presion y Fuerza equipments are own made, they are manufactured in stainless steel AISI-316-L anticorrosive marine and for height security antivandalic. There is a possibility to personalize the screws and keys shape in order to increase the inviolability.

Runing of extractable bollards

Step nº1: Turn the lock-release key 90º.
Step nº2: Take out the bollard.
Step nº3: Put the cover to allow transit.

Runing of semiautomatic bollards

Step nº1: Turn the lockrelease key 90º leavingfree the latch.
Step nº2: Tread the bollard and press slightly.
Step nº3: The bollard is locked down automatic, allowing transit.
Step nº4: Turn the lockrelease key 90º leaving free the latch.
Step nº5: The bollard goes up automatic by a gas spring effect.
Step nº6: The bollard is locked up automatic, avoiding transit.

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