Automatic parking-privacy

Privacy parkingSystem to reserve parking places with remote control and without any electric connection.
The system goes up and down by the remote control of the owner of the parking place.
Its installation is very simple and it doesn´t need any kind of cables, neither an electric connection, only 7 screws fixed to the ground.
New mechanism of a spring, that it runs when the vehicle press with the wheels over the system, compressing the gas spring that allows the raising with the remote control.
Perfect for reserve the disable parking places.

Automatic Parking Privacy Type “Autonomous”


Technical characteristics

Simple Running Any electric installation “autonomous”

Battery Battery type “D” durability 4 years

Life It support all the wheather conditions

Control 15 remote controls by system

Resistence 3 T weight

Reinforcement Mechanism to avoid the crashing

Security Detector to avoid that the system could be moved up
when a vehicle is just over it

Mesures H 42 cm x w 120 cm

Weight 20 Kg

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