Electric cupboards

References of switch cupboards

ATAB-301 Cupboard with Timer

AMSM-302-N Cupboard Remote Control Pneumatic Bollards with Loops

AMSM-302-E Cupboard Remote Control Electric Bollards with Loops

AMSM-302-H Cupboard Remote Control Hydraulic Bollards with Loops

AMSM-302-S Cupboard for P. H. and E. in Security Barriers without Loops

AMSM-302-TE Cupboard Electronic Remote Control

ATEP-303 Cupboard Proximity Cards without Centralization

ATEP-303-D Stainless Steel Rectangular Post-Box

ATEP-303-1 Post Ø 220 Steel Plastified without Milling

ATEP-303-2 Post Ø 220 Stainless Steel without Milling

ATEP-304 Cupboard Proximity Cards with Centralization

ATEP-304-1 Software Cupboard Communication Optic Fibre and Ethernet

ATEP-304-2 Computer Application in Control Centre

ATEP-304-10 1000 Mts Ethernet Cable

ATEP-304-11 1000 Mts Optic Fibre

ATEP-304-20 Maintenance Module Distance Software RTB

PAAM-307 Intercom Automatic with Support

PAAM-307-IP Intercom Automatic with Support and Communication IP

VPAAM-308 Video Intercom B/N Automatic with Support

VPAAM-308-IP Video Intercom B/N Automatic with Support IP

SCCV-309 Control System TV

MMP-310 Panel Para Mando Manual Pulsadores a Distancia por Pivote


PMT-311 Cards and Commands Manual Programmer

MCF-312 Mini-Central Commands 250 Users

MCF-313 Maxi-Central Commands 2000 Users

SHW-314 Software-Hardware Maxi-Central 2.000 Users

PNAEE-315 Pneumatic Cupboard Automatic

MML-316 Manual Command Cupboard Keys

ALM-317-1 Cupboard Manual Bollards Light 1 Bollard

ALM-317-2 Cupboard Manual Bollards Light 2 Bollard

ALM-317-3 Cupboard Manual Bollards Light 3 Bollard

ALM-317-L Cupboard Manual Bollards Light 1-18 Bollard

PDG-318 Digital Code and Cupboard

References of cupboards supplements

SSN-200 Supplement Negative Security

SSP-201 Supplement Positive Security

SRF-202 Supplement Facial Recognition

SHD-203 Supplement Fingerprint

AEI-204 Supplement Stainless Steel Cupboard

SPB-205 Solar panel for bollards

SKT-206 Supplement Kit Tropical

SKP-207 Supplement Kit Polar

ALM-208 Supplement Car-Plate Reader

TAG-209 Tag Reader – 16 Mts

TAG-210 TAG CARD 2.45ghz, 3,5mm THICKNESS

TAG-211 Tag Card Coding

AMTM-212 Supplement GSM

ARFM-213 Supplement Radio Frequency

ATBM-214 Supplement Cupboard Magnetic Band Cards

AES-236 In-Out Entrance Supplement

AAS-237 Supplement Sonorous Alarm

ASL-238 Traffic Light 2 Colours 200 mm 24V

AFAS-239 Supplement Power Supply 24V Traffic Light

AFA-244 Supplement Milling Proximity Post

ALP-245 Supplement Proximity Reader 24v Traffic Light

AEP-246 Supplement EPROM Programme

CCS-247 Supplement Security Closer Cupboard

ASP-248 Supplement Post Traffic Light

AFA-249 Supplement Power Supply Electric Bollard Added

SAI-250 System of interrupted feed

UPS-251 Uninterruptible Power Supply

TARJ-402 Remote Control

TARJ-403 Proximity Card

TARJ-404 Magnetic Band Card

TARJ-405 Printing Cards and Remote Controls