Control centre Alfa software

Drive system

Remote Control Ideal for up to 500 users authorised permanent free access.

Proximity CardWorks well for up to 20,000 users, controlling their entries only on those days and hours specified in the technologies.

Mobile Phone (GSM) All registered mobile phones SMS messages are programmed to start the system, permitting the popupm or pop-down of bollards, as desired.

Integrated Control Centre (Alfa Software) All operations, including different installations can be coordinated from a single Control Centre integrated with the software provided by Presión y Fuerza: Communication ADSL, GSM, RT, GPRS, F.O., profibus.

Manual Drivel The switch cupboards are equipped by a priority drive manual selector.

Scheduled Operator In every configuration, we can programme up to 12 different schedules per week.

Electricity Outage In such cases, bollards go down automatically to allow entry of all vehicles.

Fingerprint Allows the popping down of bollards through quick and accurate fingerprint identification, in 1 second. Easy installation and connection. It includes keyboard and card reader.

Car-Plate Reader Compact camera system with parameter remote and LED lighting, natural day and infrared night, that allows a cyclical variation of the currents synchronized with the camera. The camera is fixed to floor, wall, ceiling, tripod or vehicle. Hermetically sealed housing.