Supplements for bollards

Suplement milling and reflective band

Supplement of two milling in the superior part of the bollard of 32 mm x 1,5 depth, and a yellow retro-reflective band, grade 3 retro-reflective.

Supplement light

Supplement lighting bollards, with a ring plot of 6 leds in the superior part of the bollard, red light.

Supllement large milling

Supplement of 12 large milling to ornament the bollard.

Supplement shield or logo

Print shield or logo by laser, in the bollard or upper plate.

Suppliement of gradient for slopes AGP-240

Adjustment bollards to the slopes of the streets.

Supplement adaptation for any lostr houssing

Adjustment of our technologies to other bollard manufacturers when so required.

References supplements for bollards

Supplements for bollards

ALF-230-L Supplement Cold Light

ALF-230-L Supplement Light Plot 6 Leds

Ali-230-I Supplement Flashing Lightz

AAA-231 Anti-Sand Tight Supplement

ACH-232 Suppplement Heating 24v And Hygrometero

ANSV-233 Pneumatic Supplement Without Vastag

ASA-234 Security Supplement Steel Building 22 Cm Thickness

AGP-240 Building With Gradient For Slopes

AGE-24 L Impress Shield Or Logo With Laserr

AFL-242 Large Milling Bollards

AFR-243 Milling And Reflective Band

AFN-246 Pneumatic Mechanical Brake Jewellery Security

AAC-244 Adjustment To Lost Housing From Other Manufacturee