Spike barriers


The spike barrier system is the perfect solution in order to be integrated in a security system, where the access must be allowed in only one way.

Technical characteristics

  • It allows the access in only one sens
  • Teeth of yellow steel plastified
  • Mesures of teeth = w10mm x h60mm
  • Unit screwed to the ground
  • It allows the maintenance without civil works
  • Simple installation
  • Weight = 15 kg
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic or electric powered

SPIKE Barrier with mechanical spring

SP-475Spike Barrier With Mechanical Spring H 110mm x W 475mm

SP-476Spike Barrier Pneumatic Actuator H 110mm x W 475mm

SP-477 Spike Barrier Electric Actuator H 110mm x W 475mm

SP-478 Spike Barrier Hydraulic Actuator H 110mm x W 475mm

As we are manufacturer, we can develop any special application.

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